Labor Consulting


The Labor Consulting service is very important for our clients in order to prevent labor conflicts or to be properly prepared to deal with them if they arise.

Within our Consulting the following services are included:

  • We practice labor due diligences in order to analyze if the Company complies with all mandatory labor obligations.
  • Draft individual employment agreements in accordance with our clients´ needs in accordance with different hiring schemes.
  • Draft internal labor regulations and policies needed for the management of labor relationships.
  • Provide advice regarding the correct payment of benefits such as Sunday premium, profit sharing, overtime in order to prevent future contingencies and risks.
  • Create incentive plans, stock options, sale commission plans and employee bonus payments.
  • Advice on hiring expatriates and analysis of transnational mobility policies.
  • Development of strategies related to personnel transference.
  • Elaboration of agreements in order to modify or update labor conditions.
  • Draft confidential and Non-Compete agreements.
  • Analysis of independent services or professional services agreements, in order to avoid the presumption or interpretation of an employment relationship.
  • Investigations of violations of policies or codes of conduct, ethics and compliance.